An unsolicited plug for a local business

*These are my own opinions. This is not an ad for a product or company. I was in no way solicited or paid for this post (because let's be honest - they'd likely pay someone with a little more clout).* Last week, I posted about stumbling across a local nonprofit business called Oluna while watching… Continue reading An unsolicited plug for a local business

Personal Growth, religion

Hope (an Advent post – kind of)

*I am not a historically religious person, nor am I in any way a Biblical scholar, so please forgive my elementary interpretation of all things theological in nature as I attempt to educate myself.* Yesterday marked the first Sunday of Advent, the 4 Sundays before Christmas that focus on waiting and preparing for the coming… Continue reading Hope (an Advent post – kind of)


I’m on a Launch Team… Whatever that means

Let me introduce you to my best friend, Jen Hatmaker. I've never actually met Jen, so she doesn't know we're best friends, but we have so much in common that if we ever do actually meet in person, I'm pretty sure it'll be a BFF at first sight kind of situation. I honestly cannot remember… Continue reading I’m on a Launch Team… Whatever that means