About Monya

Hi there! I’m Monya (rhymes with lasagna)! I am a recently resigned elementary teacher turned student of life (my own). I am a runner (I’ve learned that I can say that, even though I run slowly and take many breaks), a writer (see these words? I wrote them), a voracious reader (no caveat), a lover of art and beauty (is that redundant?), and a hopeless optimist. Also, I am a champion napper – just ask my family.

I am a 9 on the Enneagram – A Peacemaker; a lover of harmony and justice. This is obviously a very vague generalization, but a completely accurate one nonetheless. I am crazy mad passionate about social justice, and I believe strongly in the importance of advocating for, and empowering, members of marginalized and oppressed populations; be it the LGBTQ+ community, BIPOC, people with mental illness, women, bullied kids, or anyone else that has been denied a fair shot simply because of circumstances they have no control over. Part of my ongoing journey is to discover how I am called to best serve.

In my slightly more than 40 trips around the sun, I have experienced several different lives: I’ve been a teenage mother, a single mother, and a married mother. I’ve been in toxic relationships, both with partners and with myself, and I’ve been in healthy relationships. Over the past couple years, writing (in conjunction with counseling, self educating, and a lot of hard work) has contributed a great deal to self-discovery and healing past wounds, so I made the decision to document the most important half dozen or so of my lives into a so far very disjointed, as of yet untitled memoir.

Given my scattered bio, you can expect the contents of this site to be diverse, and sometimes a little random depending on where my mind is that day – I like to keep things interesting. My goal is to build a safe, inclusive community where we can talk about big and important issues with kindness and acceptance, and maybe share a bad joke or a corny pun now and then.