About Monya

Hi there! I’m Monya (rhymes with lasagna)! I am a former elementary teacher turned student of life (my own). I am a runner (I’ve learned that I can say that, even though I run slowly and take many breaks), a writer (see these words? I wrote them), a voracious reader (no caveat), a lover of creativity, and a hopeless optimist. Also, I am a champion napper – just ask my family.

I am an Enneagram 9 – A Peacemaker; a lover of harmony and justice. This is obviously a very vague generalization, but a completely accurate one nonetheless. I am crazy mad passionate about social justice, fairness, and inclusion. I believe strongly in the importance of advocating for, and empowering, members of marginalized populations; be it the LGBTQ+ community, BIPOC, people with mental illness, women, bullied kids, or anyone else that has been denied a fair shot simply because of circumstances they have no control over. Part of my ongoing journey is to discover how I am called to best serve these groups.

In my slightly more than 40 trips around the sun, I have experienced several different lives: I’ve been a teen mom, a single mom, and a married mom. I’ve been in toxic relationships, both with partners and with myself, and I’ve been in healthy relationships. I have been hurt deeply, and I have caused pain. Over the past couple years, writing (in conjunction with counseling, reading, and a lot of hard work) has contributed a great deal to self-discovery and healing past wounds, so I made the decision to share it with the internet. My hope is that that my experiences will connect with even just one other person; providing them a little bit of encouragement, connection, or even just a smile.