Greetings and Salutations

Hello! Welcome to my corner of the internet! I like to picture it as a tiny, broom closet sized space tucked in to the corner of an enormous building; easily overlooked, but home. It’s a safe, judgement free space; cozy, warm, and inviting; and all are welcome here. I’ll serve tea, or coffee, or wine, and of course there will be snacks (all fictional of course – it is an imaginary room afterall), while we have all the conversations ranging from the superficial to the very difficult.

A brief introduction is probably in order at this point. My name is Monya. I’m 40something years old, and while I tend to think I have the wisdom of a much older, more experienced person, at the same time, I’m certain that my sense of humor and maturity level is often that of a 14 year old. I am sarcastic and funny, and I love a good prank as long as it’s harmless to all involved. I’m a wife, a mother, an educator of young children, a runner, a writer, an avid reader, a lover of nearly all music, a lifelong learner, and an advocate for social justice. I’m big on self care and protecting one’s mental wellness. I believe we’re all fighting our own battles, and it hurts nobody and costs nothing to approach our fellow humans with kindness. I’m an Enneagram 9, Peacekeeper. I am easygoing and agreeable, and tend to avoid conflict and confrontation if possible. While I don’t think this is a characteristic I will ever not have, it’s one I’m working to challenge. I’m comfortable in my conflict-free, optimistic bubble, but growth is not achieved by staying in a comfort zone.

My goals for this blog are to establish community with people that share my affection for humanity and my passion for social justice and to learn about different people, customs, cultures, etc. outside of my very small circle of experience.

Again, welcome. I’m eager to see where this adventure goes, and fly or fall, I’m happy to share the journey.

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